About Us

In OURPOE you can find the latest news and guides about POE. If you are a new player, you can learn how to strengthen yourself. We often publish simple introductions to help you know the game fast. You can also form a build suitable for you through reading our easy and practical guides. If you are a big fan of POE, our convenient tools and introductions to new changes may be helpful to your understanding and adjustment. We hope to be friend with every player and share interesting gameplay, build with you. What we do is to help POE players enjoy their games easily. 

You can solve any problem about game here. Have no enough currency for build? Don't worry! Here you can also find various of unique POE Maps, POE Orbs and POE Gems. Any currency, if you want, you can access them here. The items you need cannot be traded? NO! They can be traded; you just need to join the party and then we can give them to you directly. OURPOE has the massive collection of most of the common and special items, the stock of them is always abundant. For example, we have Exalted, Chaos, Jewelers' Orb, Orb of Fusing and Regret. You can also get discount packs which can save you about 5-20%, and those packs usually contains Exalted, Chaos and Divine Orbs. We also check frequently and add the new packs in time with the update of Path of Exile Patch.

OURPOE Service

Delivery: Less time waiting and more time playing. 1-15 minutes deliveries for the majority of orders.

Service: Instant customer service with friendly and fluent representatives via Live Chat, Skype, Email, Facebook and Twitter, 7/24 (Contact Us).

Price: We pledge to offer you the best service and best product at the best prices! To enjoy the discount of our site.

Secure: Basically, we will deliver the gold to your account face to face in the game which can ensure the security of your account at most. All the information about your account and character will be encrypted and preserved. We adhere to the principle that you should receive what you paid for or your money back.