Players will face four choices in the second chapter, "Deal with the Bandits". These choices will affect the static quest rewards we receive, because resetting this reward costs a lot, preferably the first time you decide what you want, as changing to a different reward is expensive

Static reward

The Bandit Lord OakThe Bandit Lord AliraThe Bandit Lord KraitynKill All Bandits
  • 1% of Life Regenerated per second

  • 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction

  • 20% increased Physical Damage

  • 5 Mana Regenerated per second

  • +20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

  • +15% to all Elemental Resistances

  • 6% increased Attack and Cast Speed

  • 3% chance to Dodge Attacks

  • 6% increased Movement Speed

  • 2 Passive Skill Points

Reset Bandit Reward

If you want to reset bandit reward, you need to have a Book of Reform. Use the corresponding thing is exchanged for the Book of Reform in shop, and the Book of Reform is used to get the corresponding reward. If the skill points is selected before, it is necessary to reserve a little skill point before use to reset to other rewards.

Book of Reform (Oak)Grants Oak's favour
Book of Reform (Kraityn)Grants Kraityn's favour
Book of Reform (Alira)Grants Alira's favour
Book of Reform (Eramir)Grants Eramir's favour


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