Players often foresee a group of frozen monsters on the map. When you open the map, it also identifies an icon that tells the player that there is essence. So what is the essence? How to get it? what's the effect? Below ourpoe will answer the players one by one

Simply put, players can use the essence to upgrade common equipment to rare equipment, the different essence determines the effect of the upgrade and different equipment types.

The level of the essence is determined by its prefix, and the type of essence is determined by its suffix. E.g


"Wailing Essence of Woe"

"Wailing" is prefix: Lv 48 + drop, "Woe" is suffix: Summon Energy Locus that cast Lightning Tendrils.

                Level                Prefix                Obtainable through                Crafting max. level
                1Whispering                Lv. 1+ drop                35
                2                Muttering                Lv. 12+ drop                45
                3                Weeping                Lv. 30+ drop                60
                4                Wailing                Lv. 48+ drop                75
                5                Screaming                Lv. 68+ drop                N/A
                6                Shrieking                Upgrading or corrupting level 5 essences                N/A
                7                Deafening                Upgrading level 6 essences                N/A

EssencesPossession effect
  • Shoot out a nova of Arctic Breath projectiles.

  • Summon Energy Locus that cast Lightning Tendrils.

  • Create a red bubble around the enemy and it explode into 3 projectile that does Corrupted Blood on hit, similarly to Malachai's TriBomb.

  • Periodically cast an ice version of Ancestral Warchief.

  • At 'Screaming', it summon 3 spirits that looks like ice version of Ancestral Warchief but without the totem chasing toward player, apparently they are invulnerable to get hit.

  • Summon Totems that cast Vortex at player's location.

  • Shoot out a nova of fire version Arctic Breath projectiles.

  • Periodically cast Ball Lightning at the player's location.

  • Summon 3 Charging Corsair, which is a unique Spectral Corsair.

  • Periodically cast Frost Bomb, then summon Arctic Golem when died.

  • Create fire runes that trigger when stepped on, dealing fire damage, similar to Malachai's Fire Traps.

  • Shoot out a nova of lightning projectiles that behave like Molten Strike's projectiles.

  • Summon Essence Tarantula that does Flicker Strike and Viper Strike.

  • Summon Fiery Rubble that fracture into smaller size on death, which is a unique Cinder Elemental.


    • Summon Totems that cast Arc and leave patches of Shocking Ground


      • Shoot out pulses that inflict a chaos damage over time debuff on the player.

      • Cast a chaos version of Firestorm. Summon Guardian Golem, which is a unique Chaos Golem.


        • Summon a grasping hand(looks like Cold Snap), that teleports the player to the monster's location. This can be evaded by moving.


          • Cast Storm Call and summon invulnerable Spectral Spirits that attack the player.

          • Monster cast a chain reaction of ice explosion, similar to one of the Mutewind Leader Warband skill.

          • Summon monsters that looks like Carrion Minion, it casts chaos version of Flame Dash that uses Caustic Arrow MTX's.

          Remnant of Corruption
          • Enemy has a physical damage over time, cannot be leeched from. Summons 2 Fleshmonster when killed.

          Here is a detailed picture that clearly shows the level and classification of all the essence.

          PoE Essences Guide

          When the player meets the essence, by clicking the middle monster 3 times to remove the seal of the monster, killing all the monsters, it will drop the corresponding essence. The essence is very common on the map, but we recommend that players check the description of this essence before releasing the monster seal before deciding whether to fight. Not all the essence is necessary for the player. If the player does not have a clear goal, releasing every essence will only reduce the player's speed of clearing the map.


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