Prophecy is a very interesting system in Path of Exile. These prophecies will affect the future of the character. Sometimes the prophecy will change some areas to produce different encounters or force some situations to happen, and sometimes trigger when conditions are met, affecting the outcome.

When the player saves Navali, she will serve you in the towns. Players have the opportunity to get silver coins when they kill monsters or open safebox. Silver coins can be used to exchange a prophecy with Navali. The prophecy obtained will appear in the prophecy menu, and the player can have up to 7 prophecies at the same time.  If the player does not need a prophecy,  you can also use some silver coins to ask Navali to seal it into an item. The prophecy after the seal can be traded with other players.

Master missions: Receive additional rewards and experience for the master mission

Crafting: Don't underestimate the role of prophecy. Sometimes prophecy will help you to make currency or equipment. For example, Fated Connections can lets you get a 6-linked item by just using 1 Jeweller's Orb on body armour or 2-handed Weapon !

Fated Uniques: Each of these prophecies results in the transformation of a certain unique item into a Fated item. In simple terms, using certain equipment to complete the prophecy content (killing an enemy) will upgrade the equipment to another equipment. For example, ''Kill Torchoak Grove in Kaom's Dream while wearing a Araku Tiki or or holding it in the player inventory'', after completing this prophecy, Araku Tiki will be upgraded to Ngamahu Tiki.


Reward: unique

Kills the specified monster to get unique, which usually gives the location of the mission. 

for example, "Baptism by Death": Kill a rare Death Bishop in one of the following locations

  • Act 2 - The Caverns

  • Act 2 - The Ancient Pyramid

  • Act 3 - The Catacombs

Complete the prophecy will drop Geofri's Baptism.

Reward: Currency

Complete the prophecy content for currency, for example, "Lasting Impressions": Read any Environmental Lore text.

You can get 15x Scroll of Wisdom.

Reward: Nothing

No reward? Of course, not all prophecy will have real rewards. As mentioned earlier, prophecy can determine the future of the character and not exactly the game task.

Reward: Others

Some rewards, although not for currency and unique, will give the player other help. For example, "The Dream Trial": Enter a random map. The location will contain a Trials of Ascendancy.

Prophecy chains

Such prophecy must complete a series of prophecy in order to receive the final reward. For example, you must complete I, II, III, IV before completing "The Unbreathing Queen V" and finally drop Volkuur's Key


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