The Vaal system was introduced into the game core in POE 1.10. Queen Atziri, who dominated the Vaal civilization, was once again in the world of Wraeclast, and used her power to "corrupt" the land, affecting the maps, items, monsters in game.

Vaal side area

The "Vaal side area" or "Corrupted area" entrance will appear randomly in the wilderness areas outside all maps.

Each Vaal side area is a small map, and the affix of the map can be seen at the entrance (similar to the weakened version of the map affix).

There are a certain number of monsters and a Boss in the Vaal side area, and the Boss has its own special combat mode.

After kill the Boss of the Vaal side area, you can open the "Vaal Vessel". After opening, you can randomly obtain the Vaal Skill Gems, Vaal Fragments, and corrupted equipment.

Drops Rate

  • 50% for a Vaal Skill Gem

  • 20% for Sacrifice at Dusk

  • 15% for Sacrifice at Dawn

  • 10% for Sacrifice at Noon

  • 5% for Sacrifice at Midnight

Queen of the Vaal

Queen of the Vaal is the new challenge Boss in the revision, when the player collects four different "Sacrifice Pieces" in the corrupted area:

  • Sacrifice at Dusk

  • Sacrifice at Midnight

  • Sacrifice at Noon

  • Sacrifice at Dawn

Put them in the lab or in the Map Device of the hidiout to open the Lv70 "The Apex of Sacrifice" map. The game is the same as the general map. Only six doors can be challenged. Before the Queen, player will encounter two powerful Boss. After kill them, you can go to the last room to fight with Queen of the Vaal, if you successfully kill the Queen, you can get the exclusive items.

She will always drop one of the following unique items: 

  • Atziri's Promise

  • Atziri's Step

  • Doryani's Catalyst

  • Doryani's Invitation

In addition, she has a chance to drop one of the following Vaal fragments:

  • Mortal Grief

  • Mortal Hope

  • Mortal Rage

  • Mortal Ignorance

Lastly, she can also drop an exclusive base chest piece:

  • Sacrificial Garb

Ultimate Queen

In the absence of official disclosure, the player found that after the revision, it was discovered that there is a more powerful Ultimate Queen behind Queen of the Vaal. After a set of four different mortal fragments, the Lv80 "The Alluring Abyss" map can be opened. Challenge the ultimate queen, the terrain and content are similar to the general queen map, the difference is that the monsters inside are at least Lv80, and three map affixes are attached.

  • 100% more Monster Life

  • 60% increased Monster Damage

  • Area does not contain Rogue Exiles 

She will always drop one of the following unique items:

  • Atziri's Acuity

  • Atziri's Disfavour

  • The Vertex

  • Atziri's Splendour

Vaal orb

Vaal orb is a new currency introduced into the expansion. The use of the Vaal orb can "corrupt" the item. The corrupted item will produce unpredictable conditions and special changes. The corrupted item will no longer be able to use any currency (including Eternal Orb), the corrupted red mark will be displayed on the corrupted items.

Corrupted items randomly produce one of the following changes:


Change one or more sockets to white sockets.

Reroll the item into a rare item with randomized sockets, links and six random affixes. If this result is chosen, there is a one in thirty-six chance the item will have the maximum. number of sockets and links. "Also, it's not a 1/36 chance to 6-link, it's 1/144 chance to 6-link.

Change the implicit to a special Vaal Implicit, or adds a Vaal implicit if the item has no implicit by default.

No effect (Under this condition, it is still corrupted and no longer can be used in any currency).


Reroll the map level up or down one level, which is the only way to get the Vaal Temple Map in the game.

Reroll the item with random affixes. Rare maps will have 4-6 affixes.

Reroll the map into a rare item with exactly eight random affixes, retaining the map base.

Unidentify the item, retaining its affixes and quantity bonus. Unidentified magic or rare maps receive a 30% bonus quantity.

No effect (Under this condition, it is still corrupted and no longer can be used in any currency).


Add or subtract one level. In this way, there is an opportunity to upgrade the Lv20 gems grade to Lv21

This effect is that upgrading the existing level is not a permanent upper limit. If the Lv18 gem is corrupted to Lv19, but the highest level is still 20

Add or subtract 1-10 quality. Gems can have up to 23% quality this way.

Change the gem to its corresponding Vaal Gem.

No effect (Under this condition, it is still corrupted and no longer can be used in any currency).


Add a special Vaal implicit mod.

Turn it into a rare or a Vaal-exclusive unique jewel with the same base item.

No effect (Under this condition, it is still corrupted and no longer can be used in any currency).


When using Vaal Orbs on a Strongbox some or all of the items within the Strongbox will become corrupted. Note that unidentified items cannot be corrupted.


Flasks cannot be corrupted.

Vaal Skill

The Vaal skill is a variant of the general skill. The player can open the "Vaal Vessel" to randomly obtain a Vaal skill gems, or change the skill into a Vaal skill of the same name by using Vaal orb. The Vaal skill and the original skill characteristics will be different. The Vaal skill can't be used as unlimited as the general skill. Before using the Vaal skill, you need to kill the monster to collect the soul. Once a Vaal skill collects a sufficient number of souls, it is charged with one use. The number of souls per use depends on the skill. Some Vaal skill gems can store enough souls for more than one use. 


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