If you have completed all the chapters in the Path of Exile and stand alone in the last square, you may be confused about the next task. Don't worry, your path to the exile is just beginning. GGG designed a huge and challenging endgame content for players - Atlas of World.

For beginners, in the face of complex atlas map, you usually feel that you can't get started. This PoE Atlas Map Starter Guide is just to solve this problem. Ourpoe will introduce the basics of poe map step by step from simple to complex.

What is PoE Map?

A map is a one-time use items that can open a new area. You can use a specific map to enter the corresponding area, and clear the monsters in the area to get rewards. Although the map has only 6 portals open, the map generally has no specific tasks to complete.

What is the Atlas of Worlds?

The Atlas of Worlds is the holistic representation of Path of Exile's end-game Map system; a spiderwebbing, interconnected behemoth that governs what Maps can drop, how you progress forwards, and a tableau of your achievement.

The Atlas of Worlds can be opened by pressing “G”.

At the center of the Atlas is The Shaper’s Realm, which contains one of the game's final bosses; The Shaper himself. The four Maps at the corners of the Atlas are the Tier 1 Maps, and as they get closer towards the center they increase in Tier.

As you can see on the Atlas, the maps are tied together by connected lines, which progress through the tiers linearly. In other words, a Tier 8 Map will always connect to specific Tier 7 and Tier 9 Maps, but never to a Tier 6 or Tier 10 Map.

How can get PoE Map?

  • Drop by monster

  • trade with other players

  • Purchased from Zana, Master Cartographer, the maps available for purchase will be refreshed regularly

  • Zana can only be encountered in the wild in maps. When encountering Zana, she will give you a selection of randomly rolled maps to choose from, each with different missions.

How to open Atlas of Worlds?

Zana will appear in the Epilogue after Act 10. She gives you a quest to complete a map, as well as a Zana-modded map to start off with. After completing your first map, she will introduce to you the Atlas of Worlds.


Basic Information

Map Quality & Rarities

Like equipment, they come in normalmagicrare, and unique rarities, and can have their own special affixes which may make them more difficult, but also increases their potential rewards. Maps can also have quality, which can be improved with Cartographer's Chisels.

Map Tiers

In addition to the above differences, the map also has its own tier. The higher the tier of the map, the higher the level of the monster, and the more rewards the drop is. Of course, the high tier map is hard to get.

Players can easily distinguish the tier by their color.

Map TierMonster LevelDenomination


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