Witch Elementalist Summon Ice Golem build

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Deal with the Bandits:2 Passive Skill Points


There is an old Chinese saying:"静若处子,动若脱兔", which means staying as quiet as a maiden, running as fast as a rabbit. It would be greatly appropriate to describe Ice Golem. Elementalist has always been a pop choice for player with Flame Golem at its core. OURPOE now offers you Golem BD based on aggressive Ice Golem. 

Ice Golem is so aggressive that it fight bravely quickly within your horizon. Therefore, it can be a good choice to clear map and attack big boss.


Witch Elementalist  Summon Ice Golem build

The build is powerful in clearing maps, attacking big boss and passing labyrinth.

Apart from key necklace, even if all other items are changed to ones whose mods can increase item drop rate, it will not affect the bd's golem damage.

After meeting all-around need for the bd, you can stand at a relatively fixed place continuously attacking big boss until it is disappear.

But there maybe a slight lack of satisfaction of feeling in vision and hand operating.

Special tips: If you at a map that reflect physical damage, you just need change Minion Damage Support to Physical to Lightning Support.

Equipment Selection:

OURPOE have listed necessary equipment and some key mods of them for the bd in artical. 

Witch Elementalist  Summon Ice Golem build necessary equipment:

Clayshaper, Rock Breaker,  Victario's Charity, Laminated Kite ShieldThe Primordial Chain, Coral Amulet (The lower rate of decreasing damage and life, the more powerful of the bd.)

Other equipment should give priority to increase golem damage while increasing life and resistance.

Advanced Improvement:

Click out Elemental Equilibrium, and linkStorm Brand-Curse On Hit Support and Vulnerability

Helmet enchacement: Ice Golems deal 40% increased Damage

Find ring with delve mods to inrease minion's damage.
Use vaal orb on a accessory to greatly improve the power ofHatred.

Reference article:Minion Starter Guide  Golem Damage Guilds and Unique Chain of the Primordial Chain


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