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About Orb of Fusing

Orb of FusingStack Size: 20Reforges the links between sockets on an itemRight click this item then left click a socketed item to apply it. The item's quality increases the chances of obtaining more links.
Shift click to unstack.

Orb of Fusing

EffectReforge the links between sockets on an item

1. Dropped by slain enemies and found in Arcanist's Strongboxes. (Uncommon)

2. Yeena sells an Orb of Fusing in exchange for 4 Jeweller's Orbs.

Item acquisition

Divination 20x Orb of Fusing

Loyalty  3x Orb of Fusing

General Notes
The God of Misfortune3x Orb of Fusing
1Reforged Bonds5x Orb of Fusing
5Loyalty3x Orb of Fusing
7Lucky Connections 20x Orb of Fusing
5Emperor's Luck 5x currency (random)


Orbs of Fusing are first to modify the linked sockets on an item. When an item has some quality, each 1% quality improves the result by 1%. While the chance of obtaining three or four linked sockets is relatively high, the chance of obtaining five or six linked sockets is very low, and on average requires hundreds or even thousands of attempts.

 A test involving 100 000 Orb of Fusings concluded that 836 to 1244 (average 1000) Orb of Fusings are needed to six-link a six-socketed, 20% qualitied item with a 95% confidence interval. This translates into a ~77% chance to six-link within 1500 Orbs of Fusing. 

 This means it is statistically not worthwhile to use the Artisan's Bench provided by Vorici instead of using Orbs of Fusing manually, but it is still an option to consider for risk-averse players to avoid randomness.

 Historically, lead developer Chris Wilson has stated that the odds for six linked sockets were very close to 1/1500. Note that this was prior to the item quality effect change from version 2.2.0 though, which means the consumed quality back then was able to improve these odds by "more than double".


These crafting options are available on the Crafting Bench:

Two Linked Sockets     2       1x Orb of Fusing

Three Linked Sockets   2        3x Orb of Fusing

Four Linked Sockets     3        5x Orb of Fusing

Five Linked Sockets      4        150x Orb of Fusing

Six Linked Sockets        7        1500x Orb of Fusing


These recipes can also be applied to corrupted items at the cost of using one Vaal Orb for every Orb of Fusing required. This is currently the only way the links on a corrupted item can be modified.

One can also sell Clarissa an Orb of Fusing in exchange for one Orb of Chance.


Well-Connected  Create an item with six linked sockets using an Orb of Fusing.



Odds for six linked sockets 
First, all of this comes from snippets from game developers, analysis of patch content, and testing by players themselves, as officials never give specific data.
Lead developer Chris Wilson has stated that the odds for six linked sockets were very close to 1/1500.
Opinions are divided on the number of Orb of Fusing needed to six-link a six-socketed, 20% qualitied item.    I think it requires about 1200 Orbs of Fusing according to my test. However, another player believes that it needs 1000 Orbs of Fusing after a test involving 100 000 ones.
Orb of Fusing mechanism
When using Orb of Fusing on an item with six sockets, the result of its sockets linked is decided by mechanism that randomly roll (0-5) its first socket.
If the roll is 5, sockets on item is six-linked and the roll for the rest sockets stop.
If the roll is 4, sockets on item is five-linked and even if there is still a socket alone, it never need to roll.
f the roll is 3, sockets on item is four-linked and there is still two sockets left. Then the fifth socket is rolled within 0-1 to decide whether the left sockets are linked. If the roll for the fifth socket is 1, the left sockets are linked, which means the item has four-linked and two-linked sockets. If the roll is 0, the left sockets are not linked, which means the item has four-linked plus two separate sockets.
The rest can be done in the same way.
All possible situations are shown in the figure:





High utilization rate. it can be used in map, equipment, and rare items. So,keep it.

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