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About Orb of Scouring

Orb of ScouringStack Size: 30Removes all modifiers from an itemRight click this item then left click on a magic or rare item to apply it.
Shift click to unstack.

Effect: A currency item that can be used to remove all random modifiers from a magic or rare piece of equipment.


  • Catarina starts selling a set of 30 Orbs of Scouring for 96 Orbs of Chance at level 6.

  • Vendoring a rare item with only two explicit modifiers will result in an Orb of Scouring. Such an item can only be crafted by using a Regal Orb on a magic item with one explicit modifier.

ResultItem mods
1×Orb of ScouringAny rare item with 2 affixes. This can be created by using a Regal Orb on a one-affix magic item or by using an Orb of Annulment on a rare item.

Item acquisition

Upgrade paths

AmountIngredientGeneral Notes
1Erased from Memory1x Orb of Scouring
9No Traces30x Orb of Scouring
5Emperor's Luck5x currency (random)

Usage in upgrade paths

Master Cartographer's Seal3Master Cartographer's Sextant
1Orb of Scouring
Book of Regression1Orb of Scouring
1Scroll of Wisdom
Apprentice Cartographer's Seal3Apprentice Cartographer's Sextant
1Orb of Scouring
Journeyman Cartographer's Seal3Journeyman Cartographer's Sextant
1Orb of Scouring

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