PoE 3.7 Builds

Under OURPOE's introduce, you can appreciate kinds of builds in poe 3.7 new league - legion. We will rapidly offer new PoE 3.7 build details and make live, effective updates, and then continue to add complete build. We hope that you can never miss a hot key feature of every build. In LEGION, official designer have revamped and reorganized most melee skills. From the side, it is confirmed the news "about the new league will strengthen the melee news" previously released by the officials. There will be many new build guide and gameplay about cyclone, sweep and many hit skills. And we will gradually share them with you. Legion, the core of the season, will make all kinds of build not only more selective and extensive, but more complex. So, we will make you clear with our explanation. Please focus on OURPOE, we will help you from farming to endgame. Wish you are plain sailing in new adventure.