PoE Shadow Lightning Trap Saboteur Tinkerskin Fast


Normal: Perfect Crime

Bit of extra damage and a chance for traps to trigger twice (DOUBLE DAMAGE)

Cruel: Chain Reaction

One of our main engines, this makes it so when a trap pops, all the nearby traps also trigger. EXPLOSIONSSSS

Merciless: Pyromaniac

Immunity to Shock/Ignite, but also up to 20% REGEN FROM THROWING TRAPS?? LOL THAT'S MORE THAN RF BUILDS GET

Uber: Born in the Shadows

We get to blind everything around us! Huge defensive boost, alongside some damage.



Soul of the Brine King

This helps us avoid being stunlocked (that's never fun) and if you get the Divine Vessels done, some Freeze/chill resistance.

Soul of Ryslatha

This allows us to passively gain Life Flask charges if we haven't used one. Great for running Uber Lab or any long boss fights without adds. With Divine Vessel, we get a huge buff to life recovery from flasks while on low life. Great for those random "oh god please don't die" moments.

Rare Gear Stat Priorities

Make sure you're always resistance capped and have enough stats to equip your gear/gems first.

Weapon: Any rare with a ton of spell/lightning damage with flat elemental damage to spells. You can also use weapons like Heartbreaker, Royal Skean, Divinarius, Imperial Skean, Doryani's Catalyst, Vaal Sceptre, or Singularity, Platinum Sceptre. Shimmeron sucks cause we can't shield charge so nah. 

Helmet: Aim for a high Life (80+), high resists, stats as needed helmet. If you're a rich kid, go for a Shaped helmet with additional damage to spells. If you get one with extra links/base crit chance to socketed spells, put your Lightning Spire Trap up there.

Chest: TINKERSKIN. There is no other option. This, combined with Eldritch Battery, allows for infinite spamming of traps because we get ES on trap trigger. So GOOD. Aim for a good life roll.

Gloves: Rares with high life/resists/stats, similar to the helmet. If you want to invest, you can get Shaped gloves with "Skills which throws traps throw up to 1 additional Trap," which translates into about 20% MORE damage. Pretty dumb if you ask me, since it's a global mod and therefore amazing for all of our trap setups.

Boots: Rares with as much life/movespeed/resists, stats as needed. If you want to grab a pair of Elder boots with "Socketed Gems are supported by level 20 Fortify" and free up a link, feel free.

Belt: Get a rare Stygian Vise with good life and resists/stats if you need. Flask Effect Duration is pretty nice if you can get it..

Rings: I went for Shaped rares with Life/Resists/Stats as needed, with extra damage to spells. You'll primarily want to aim for extra Cold to spells, so your traps can shatter enemies and prevent annoying Porcupine deaths.

Amulet: Same as everything else, life/resists/stats as needed. If you'd like extra damage, you can get Spell Damage, Global Crit Chance/Multiplier, and on Shaped amulets you can even get up to 10% Elemental Penetration. Nice.

Enchantments Recommand

Gloves: Commandment of Winter/Spite/Reflection

I prefer Winter, it's a Cold damage version of Ball Lightning. Crits and freezes anything that touches me. Spite will launch your weapon in 10 directions and leave chilled ground, nice little defensive buff. Reflection will spawn a clone of yourself that runs around and punches things, great distraction but if enemies have Chain can get you killed sometimes.

Helmet: Lightning Trap Penetrates 10% Lightning Resistance

Huge damage boost for us. If you're using any other skill, pick the best enchant for that. Arc +2 Chains, for example.

Boots: Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances If You Haven't Killed Recently OR Adds 1-160 Lightning Damage If You Haven't Killed Recently
This is up to you, I go for Pen. Since our traps do all the killing, we don't have to worry about dropping this bonus ever.