No judge. No jury. Just the executioner.

No judge. No jury. Just the executioner.

The Slayer class focuses on raw power and maintaining sustainability as they fight. They possess bonuses to life leech and stun and passives such as Bane of Legends gives them an edge against tougher monsters. Due to the minor nodes all having increased attack speed and two-handed damage bonuses, this class is well suited for attack skills for two-handed weapons and bows.

The path pattern of Slayer's skills is like crab's big claws, which vividly illustrates the features of the Ascendancy. So, the player of Slaye don't need to think too much on the choose of path.

You can go to Brutal Fervour first if you need high keep you safe first. And you can go to Bane of Legends first if you need powerful attack. Slayer, executioner and defender, can solve any problem in PoE. Recommend: Slayer Build.

Passive Skills

  • Two Handed Damage, Area of Effect
  • Two Handed Damage, Attack Speed
  • Two Handed Damage, Life Leech
  • Two Handed Damage, Reduced Enemy Stun Threshold
  • Headsman
  • Bane of Legends
  • Endless Hunger
  • Brutal Fervour
  • Overwhelm
  • Impact