They laughed at her. They pointed fingers, pulled their children away and whispered in the streets. They burned her home and drove her from the village. She got even. Flame, shadow, disease and frost. These are the tools of the mighty witch and she wields them with a reckless power she can barely control. Though she may look frail and delicate, do not underestimate her. Many have, and they are counted among the burned and withered corpses in her wake.

The Witch is a pure intelligence character in Path of Exile classes, with blue attribute( the symbol of intelligence, spell and mana).

She looks delicate but damages hard depending on her powerful passive skill tree and expansibility. Now OURPOE will guide you to learn about the Witch.

The witch's initial attribute point consists of 32 points of intelligence, 14 points of strength, and 14 points of dexterity. So we can find the game designer's definition of the witch is biased towards the intelligence attribute. Due to the great scalability and freedom of POE, various poe builds can be chosen as you wish. We believe that after a detailed understanding the witch's characteristics, these will be easy for you.

We will introduce you her skill tree to help you understand her characteristics. The witch has the spell damage, as well as the energy shield regeneration and mana regeneration. Of course, these are not a comprehensive definition of the witch. Depending on the design of the game designer's high degree of freedom passive skill tree, all kinds of witch builds are good choices.

In the early, there are a lot of poe witch farming builds to choose. The style of play is similar to the traditional wizards. It is not complicated, so that everyone can get familiar with the game.

At first, the witch can use various elemental spell to attack the enemy in a long range, and can obtain a variety of blue intelligence gems. In addition to the spell damage of fire, cold, and lightning, energy shields, displacement flashes, etc, can also protect yourself at the beginning of the game. So if you choose the witch to farming with a suitable farming build, you may not feel too difficult. Here we recommend some witch arc builds, summon builds, blade builds, and you can find them easily on our website.

The overall skill tree of the witch is close to the mana, elemental damage, spell critical strike and summon, so the witch can choose the builds based on there skill points.

Some transitional connection skill points can simply improve spell critical strike chance and increase spell damage, spell crit damage, elemental damage, in addition, provide summons, totems and other damage in the game.

Likewise, such as energy shield, life, regeneration, basic attribute points and resistance, these improved skill points can also be easily found as the game continues to deepen. We mainly show you some key skill points, and provide some builds ideas for your reference.

Keystone Passive Skills

Some small talent points can sometimes work well.  


6% increased maximum Life
10% increased maximum Energy Shield

Melding provides good shield and life and it is close to the jewel sockets. A shield jewel with the talent will increase your survive rate.

Whispers of Doom

You can apply an additional Curse 

Whispers of Doom it can improve the ceiling of curse. Curse is a perfect mechanism in the PoE. Once you experience it, you will fall in love with it.

Power Charge

The power charge on critical support in the PoE is also a good mechanism provided by the GGG. The witch is easy to acquire charge too. When you prefer crit, you can choose it well.

Elemental Overload

40% more Elemental Damage if you've Crit in the past 8 seconds
No Critical Strike Multiplier
No Damage Multiplier for Ailments from Critical Strikes

It is a very good way to increase your damage in non-crit build. It is suitable for any elemental damage build. 

Elemental Equilibrium

Enemies you hit with Elemental Damage temporarily get +25% Resistance to those Elements and -50% Resistance to other Elements

It's a scary way to increase damage, not suitable for the high-frequency attack skills, but a powerful way in the endgame build later. 

Chaos Inoculation

Maximum Life becomes 1, Immune to Chaos Damage

It's the best choice for the shield build. In later stage of the game, there large chaos damage and it is a very effective way to reduce the damage you may suffer. If you have occultist's vestment, you can ignore the attribute point. And the occultist's vestment also can be found in our website. 

Ghost Reaver

Life Leech is applied to Energy Shield instead
50% less Energy Shield Recharge Rate

As the literal describe, it is suitable for the shield build. 

Avatar of Fire

50% of Physical, Cold and Lightning Damage Converted to Fire Damage
Deal no Non-Fire Damage

It is the powerful and damage-increasing skill of fire build that make people ambivalent. It can be replaced by the necklace, Xoph's Blood. But it is expensive. Also you can buy the necklace in our website. 

Ancestral Bond

You can't deal Damage with Skills yourself
+1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems

Totem build is excellent farming build. But if you choose the skill, all your spell will not be damaged. Our website provide relevant totem build as farming build for reference.

Here are some key talent points. When the player make their builds, like the basic class, the witch, we will also provide some complete builds for your reference. Of course, how to build more interesting builds, find the fun of POE depends on players'self-exploration. OURPOE will be a strong backing, standing by your side

There are three PoE Ascendancy Class of Witch in later. Each of them will vastly improve their relevant build. We will introduce them in detail in the Ascendancy page.

You can enter here: Occultist Elementalist Necromancer

Well, the witch, the great magic elf, take the wand in your hand to sweep the continent of Valkras, show the enemy the horrible storm, destroy everything with the melt fire, and walk on the frosty road fearlessly!